Liturgies from Year C of the RCL

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost/ 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time/ Proper 13

Have you ever been so struck by a piece of non-churchy music or art that you have a hard time believing it wasn't made for use in worship? That happened to me as I was preparing this liturgy for you. The song is Signal by Sylvan Esso. I hope you at least go listen tot he song and read the lyrics. I'm sure many of you will be hesitant to play a 3 and a half minute electronic pop song in worship as a prayer of confession, but one of the rad things about running your own website is that you can just, you know, do your thing. I would instantly join a church that did something like this. But I could imagine Ms. Doris and Herb would certainly want to bend a pastor's ear on monday after something like this. Choose wisely. As always, click 'continue reading' for a copy/paste version of the liturgy or to download the image. Thanks.

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Something A Little Different

For several uninteresting and vaguely embarrassing reasons, even though this was supposed to be the week I brought liturgical type back from vacation, I don't have a normal liturgy for you this week. Instead, I figure a lot of you are sending groups out on trips, so I'm posting this commissioning blessing I wrote for my church. It's written for a trip to an orphanage in Mexico (hence all the child references) but you can adapt it to your trip or I think it kind of works as is for any sending. Click "continue reading" for a copy/paste version or to download the type written image.

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Third Sunday after Pentecost/13th Sunday in Ordinary Time/ Proper 8 Year C

The image of the whirlwind from the 2 Kings and the Psalm stuck me particularly heavily this week. The text says that the LORD was "about to take Elijah up to heaven by a whirlwind" and that got me thinking: How do you prepare for a whirlwind? Here the whirlwind isn't some destructive force, it is a sign of God's power and presence. Encountering God can indeed twirl us around, shake us up, in ways that don't always feel great, but ultimately the whirlwind is a part of the journey of faith. God is there in the whirlwind with us even as we ask, "Where is God?" even when we see no foot prints... I vaguely remember a poem about footprints... it'll come to me later... haha. Click "continue reading" to copy/paste this blessing for your use. or to download the typewritten image with all of its rushed and fantastic typos.

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2nd Sunday after Pentecost Year C

What a weird passage this Luke text is! Every time I encounter it I get overwhelmed with all the demons and pigs. This week I've included an idea for a visual illustration that you might use to make some sense of it. Use it in a Children's Sermon or as a sermon illustration. Go ahead and make a little bit of a mess in church this week. I won't tell the facilities committee! Click "continue reading" for a copy/paste version of the liturgy and a downloadable image of the type written page.

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Trinity Sunday Year C

Apologies, apologies, apologies! Three apologies for Trinity Sunday being late. Too much church this weekend. I wrote the Call to Worship as a call and response and I put a little rhythm to it. I tried to make it have a one two three, waltzy feel as a sneaky nod to Trinity Sunday. If you are rhythmically inclined, maybe you can get your congregation swaying to a 3/4 trinity beat. As always, click "continue reading" for a copy/paste version of the liturgy and a downloadable image.

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Pentecost Year C

This year for Pentecost, I'm not into the whole "It's the Church's Birthday" thing so this liturgy turned out a little bleak. There's just something about Pentecost that makes me wish that I was a little more fiery and fired up about the things that are wrong in our world. I also throw out a raw idea for doing the offering in here. I'd love to see if any of ya'll run with it. Post it in the comments or on social media so I can see it. As always: click "continue reading" for a copy/paste-able version of this liturgy or to download the image of the typewritten page to use for bulletin or slide images. Please use the Donate tab if you like what you've been seeing here and want to help it continue.

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The Seventh Sunday of Easter Year C

Last week of the Easter season on the liturgical calendar. Have any of you been celebrating Easter this whole time in worship? Leave a comment why or why not. I had intended to write and post a communion liturgy the first Sunday of each month but I am headed out of town and ran out of time. Apologies. I'll make up for it with some other ideas I have to add later. Click "continue reading" and scroll down to the body of the post for a copy/paste-able version of this liturgy. And another pro-tip: if you want to download the image of the typewritten page to use as fodder for bulletin covers or worship slides, you can do that too once you click through "continue reading" and save the image. Thanks.

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Sixth Sunday of Easter Year C

With everything that is going on in our world in regards to women's right to autonomy over their own bodies, I'm really glad that Lydia pops up in the Lectionary this week. She is such a boss, asserts herself, and furthers the way of God in the world in this Acts passage. I get a little gushy about it in the post but Lydia is worth gushing about! Please consider preaching about her this week and leave a comment on how you did if you do! Feel free to use any of this liturgy and edit to fit your community. Click "continue reading" for a copy/paste-able version.

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Fifth Sunday of Easter Year C

Busy week so just a short liturgy. Sometimes, doing something way shorter than the congregation is used to, like this confession litany, and going through it slowly can be very interesting. The space between things takes on as much meaning as the words themselves. Click continue reading for the copy/paste-able version. Thanks for reading.

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