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This is a project to keep me grounded in the rhythm of the lectionary.  This is an effort to keep my ears open for the voices of the people at the work of worship.  My name is Alex Wirth and I am a writer and a Presbyterian Church (USA) pastor and I’ve come to realize that I’m the liturgical type.  

My hope is that these liturgies and prayers may be useful to you or your community of faith.  Feel free to use, reprint, or adapt them without cost.  Please accredit them to me, Alex Wirth, citing this site, liturgicaltype.com.  If you feel generous, you can contribute to keep this project going under the donation tab.

I’ve been a part of all sorts of different churches.  Breezy suburban churches with blended contemporary worship that felt like being trapped in an Eagles concert.  Moody emergent churches that were all candles and fabric and atmospheric washes of sound for music.  Gritty urban churches where the sidewalk sounds and sirens accompanied the silence of prayer.  Huge, high churches with clergy collars and wood-carved angels blowing trumpets affixed to the ceiling. Each drastically different from the next.  Each a true home for me while I served in them.

 I’ve taught from high pulpits and rusty music stands. I’ve preached in a series, from the revised common and the narrative lectionaries, and I’ve picked scriptures out of thin air.  I’ve clapped out praise songs, chanted simple Taize refrains, sung the old songs from the thin pages of many hymnals.  I’ve sat on pews, on benches, on chairs, on the ground.  In all these different places of worship I have come to realize something.  We all crave something of the tradition we come from and at the same time we craft our tradition as we practice it.

This project is my practice of living in and crafting my faith tradition.  I write these prayers and liturgies on typewriters because they are immediate and unmediated.  The words imprinted on the page are real and grounding.  Plus its more fun that way and it justifies this otherwise frivolous collection of heavy typing machines I lug around.  You can read more about my typewriter theology by following this link.

Thanks for reading.  Peace be with you.

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