Something A Little Different

Something A Little Different

A Mission Trip Blessing

Know that God
is with you.
Feel the Holy Spirit
guiding you.
See the face of Christ
on everyone you meet.

May you know
the transformation
of Joy that
a child shows
when their face
lifts & a smile 
forms at the
sound of their
own name.
May you know 
their name.
Child of God.
You AND Them.
May their joy
grow you.

Be stretched like
a muscle being
worked out,
for greater resilience.
May you not 
break or tear but
just find the edge 
of your limits.
Be well.
Be connected.

Know your team
as they are
God’s gift to you.
God’s presence &
guidance is alive 
in them for you &
alive in you for them.

May you 
embody Grace.
May a child’s joy
be your joy
& bring to life
more & ever more
into the world.

As much good as
you may do,
remember that God 
is conditioning 
you as an appendage,
strong to help
turn the whole world
So that
no one
is without
a family,
ever again.

May God bless you
& keep you.
In challenge,
may God keep you safe.
In labor,
may God give you strength
In faith,
may God shine through you.

May you be ever faithful
as God works blessings
through you.

Recite the Lord’s Prayer


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