Seventh Sunday after Pentecost/ 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time/ Proper 13

Have you ever been so struck by a piece of non-churchy music or art that you have a hard time believing it wasn't made for use in worship? That happened to me as I was preparing this liturgy for you. The song is Signal by Sylvan Esso. I hope you at least go listen tot he song and read the lyrics. I'm sure many of you will be hesitant to play a 3 and a half minute electronic pop song in worship as a prayer of confession, but one of the rad things about running your own website is that you can just, you know, do your thing. I would instantly join a church that did something like this. But I could imagine Ms. Doris and Herb would certainly want to bend a pastor's ear on monday after something like this. Choose wisely. As always, click 'continue reading' for a copy/paste version of the liturgy or to download the image. Thanks.

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Something A Little Different

For several uninteresting and vaguely embarrassing reasons, even though this was supposed to be the week I brought liturgical type back from vacation, I don't have a normal liturgy for you this week. Instead, I figure a lot of you are sending groups out on trips, so I'm posting this commissioning blessing I wrote for my church. It's written for a trip to an orphanage in Mexico (hence all the child references) but you can adapt it to your trip or I think it kind of works as is for any sending. Click "continue reading" for a copy/paste version or to download the type written image.

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