2nd Sunday after Pentecost Year C

2nd Sunday after Pentecost Year C

Second Sunday after Pentecost/ 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time/ Proper 7
June 23, 2019
1st Kings 2:1-4 (5-7) 8-15a/ Psalm 42 & 43/ Galatians 3:23-29/ Luke 8:26-39

Call to Worship
One: What brings us to the shore?
Many: Naked, full of something like demons, we come to see Jesus.
One: What brings us to the shore?
Many: Preferring the company of Death, we come to see Jesus.
One: What brings us to the share?
Many: Hope in the Most High God.
One: What brings us to the shore?
Many: Hope that all things, within us & with out, will be made right.
All: Let us Worship the God who wants yo know our name.

Prayer of Confession
We come to confession not because we need cleansing. We turn back to God not because we are looking for a heavy dose of shame. We come together like this because hope precedes all that we do. Our forgiveness is assured. Let us pray confident in the gift of grace that becomes real for us again and again.

God of our Hope, we confess that we are filled with things that are not from you. We prefer the company of death. We let it live among us. We let it run wild in our violence & warring. We let death govern us until our ways are but death’s ways. We forget you & your very loving presence torments us. Help us turn from the company of death. Let us return to the community of faithfulness. Fill us with your Spirit & clothe us with grace so we might tell the story of all God has done an among us.

Idea for Children’s Sermon or Visual Sermon Illustration
The most interesting thing about this luke passage this week is NOT how the man is freed from his legion of “demons” or whatever it was, but how he seems to get filled up with something new. There is some new holy presence in him that has prepared him to stay and tell about what God has done for him.

To help your people or kids (both, really) understand this weird  scene, try this visual thing in your service. Here’s what you’ll need: 
-Skinny glass cylinder (check flower shops for skinny vases)
-Olive Oil
-Water in a pitcher
-Big basin to catch overflow
-Towels or tarps just in case.
I’ll leave the meaning-making and interpretation to you here, but is how to do the visual illustration. Place the cylinder in the basin (or maybe in your baptismal font if possible). Put a couple fingers of olive oil in the cylinder. Pour the water down the side of the cylinder slowly. As the water rises, the oil should float on top. Stop halfway up so folks can see. Continue filling until the oil spills over and only water is left in the cylinder.

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