Fifth Sunday of Easter Year C

Fifth Sunday of Easter Year C

Fifth Sunday of Easter Year C

May 19, 2019 

Acts 11:1-18, Psalm 148, Revelation 21:1-6, John 13:31—35 

Call to Worship 

One: Peter saw a vision

Unison Refrain: Lower the sheet, Gracious God, reveal the glorious diversity of your creation.

One: A vision of a new heaven and a new earth. 


One: Where all, no exceptions, are gathered in by the Holy Spirit. 


One: Mountains & Monsters. Trees, birds, & us. All gathered as witness… 


One: the end of Death & the Spring of New Life.

All: Let us join voices with all creation to praise our Lord this day. 

Litany of Confession


We are called to the simplicity of Truth

in the complication of Trust.

Of course we fall short,

of course we turn back,

of course you accept us again.

Help us not just to speak the name of our Lord,

but to glorify all of who God is,

the Fullness of Love.


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