Third Sunday of Easter Year C
Third Sunday of Easter Year C

Third Sunday of Easter Year C

Third Sunday of Easter Year C
May 5, 2019
Acts 9:1-6(7-20)
Revelations 5:11—14
John 21:1-19
Psalm 30

Call to Worship
One: Even immovable mountains find their favor in the Lord.
Many: Ever certain seas still call out to God.
One: And so do we,
Many: Gathered here to worship,
One: Gathered here to seek understanding,
Many: Hoping something like scales might fall away,
One: Hoping mourning might really become dancing,
Many: Because Christ has transformed Death into Life.
All: Let us worship the God of Grace who has risen!

Prayer of Confession
One: We do not come to confession blind hoping for sight. We come before God with honesty and humility in response to the vision of Grace that Christ Jesus gives to all no matter what their eyes can see. Confidently we pray together:

Many: Gracious and Loving God, the tapes in our heads play harsh messages on repeat. They say, “BE PERFECT” or “GIVE UP.” They say, “I’M WORTHLESS” and “I’M UNLOVABLE.“ Son of God, remind us who you are and who we are. Envelop us once again into the body of Christ and call us your own. Forgive us when the tape of your gracious voice doesn’t get played in our heads. The one that calls us beloved, forgiven, set free.


Assurance of Pardon
One: By Grace our tape of despair has run out. It has been respooled with hope. Friends, believe the good news of the Gospel!
Many: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven! Amen.

Prayer of Illumination
If I am too certain, Creator God, send me deeper into your Word. If I am too cautious, Saving Christ, make me as bold as your good news. Fill my lungs, ever present Spirit, so my words might be grace-filled and true. Amen.

Invitation to the Table
After the Resurrection, when Jesus showed himself to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberius, he did not give them a test of their faithfulness. He gave them a gift of abundance; more fish than their nets could hold. He did not preach at them or try to convince them who he was. He simply said, “Come and have breakfast” and they knew him by his welcome.
So too does our Lord invite us to this table of abundance and welcome. Showing us what Grace looks like each time we gather together to remember and celebrate the transformation of Death into New Life. Our Lord leaves no one, especially the least among us, out of the body of Christ. So come, all of you, to eat at this table and experience the abundant welcome of God’s Grace…


Go out this day, fed and full, dancing even as you mourn, to extend the abundant welcome of the Love of God, the Grace of Christ, and the Holy Community of the Spirit out into the world. Amen.

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  1. Your deep spirit and gift of grace come through your creative words. I’m glad you will be able to share your gift with others.

    1. Garsh, thanks.

  2. ALEX. This is so good. Thank you for starting this my first week in a new call. I’m so grateful.

    1. This is exactly why I started doing this. I’m glad this was helpful!

  3. ooooo, inspiring words! Thank you for sharing your creativity and letting us grow by the many ways God’s Spirit is working through YOU!!! Looking forward to more!

    1. Thanks!

  4. We will use your words of invitation at your home church this Sunday. We are so proud of you, Alex!

    1. That feels pretty awesome. Thanks!

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